Liberal Heads Explode After First Lady Melania Trolls Fake News Wearing ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do You?’ Jacket

First lady Melania Trump boarded a flight at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland Thursday evening wearing a trench coat with bold lettering on the back that read, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

The green jacket, which retails for about $40 at a ZARA, has been characterized as the fashionista’s equivalent to the proverbial “finger.”

President Trump insisted that Melania used the fashion spotlight to hit back at the “fake news” media.

“‘I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” the president tweeted on Thursday.

The first lady departed from Maryland to visit a Texas facility housing migrant children separated from their parents.

According to pool reports, First Lady Melania Trump spent a little over an hour with 55 children, most of whom were from Guatemala, at the Upbring New Hope Children’s Shelter. All but six of the children were unaccompanied minors, with the rest having been separated from their families Melania said she was there to help reunite children with their families.

Liberals are outraged Melania wore the jacket to visit detention centers, castigating her on social media with claims that the first lady is “tone deaf” and a “white supremacist.”

“Melania Trump’s empathetic visit to the Mexican border risks being overshadowed by the unempathetic message on the back of her coat. It stretches credulity that the first lady would make the effort to fly down to Texas, visit children, talk to staff and engage in this heartbreaking story only to deliberately undermine it with a callous choice of clothing,” BBC reporter Katty Kay, lamented. “I give her the benefit of the doubt on compassion – but if she chose to wear this without thinking, it was pretty tone deaf.”

But the jacket is just an innocuous jacket, with no “hidden message,” Melania’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham contends.

Today’s visit w the children in Texas impacted [the first lady] greatly. If media would spend their time & energy on her actions & efforts to help kids – rather than speculate & focus on her wardrobe – we could get so much accomplished on behalf of children.” Grisham added the hashtags “#SheCares” and “#ItsJustAJacket”.


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