Leftists Vandalize Two Canadian Monuments, Claim They Celebrate White Supremacy

Far-left activists vandalized the Maisonneuve Monument at Place d’Armes in Old Montreal and the Macdonald Monument at Place du Canada in Downtown West while claiming that they are celebrations of white supremacy.

Both monuments were covered in red paint to ‘fight colonialism.”

The vandals published a confession on a popular Antifa website.

“We chose to deface these monuments between two nationalist holidays – St-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day – as a rejection of all forms of settler-nationalism . We embrace the street slogan of Montreal’s anarchists: Ni patrie, ni état; ni Québec, ni Canada! We also denounce and resist the racist far-right — whether Quebec or Canadian nationalists, whether francophone or anglophone — who are nostalgic about a racist, genocidal, and white supremacist past. Our vandalism is also aimed against them,” the confession reads.

The leftists also called for other people to keep defacing the monuments until the government is forced to remove them.

“Both these statues should be constantly vandalized until they are finally removed from public space and instead placed in archives or museums, where they belong as historical artifacts. Public space should celebrate collective struggles for justice and liberation, not white supremacy and genocide,” the confession urged.

The John A. Macdonald monument, which is dedicated to Canada’s first prime minister and a Father of Confederation, was previously targeted by vandals with red paint in November — and that wasn’t the first time. There has been a push for several years for Canada to remove all statues of him and rename schools bearing his name.



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