Leaker Comey Slams Trump as a ‘Demagogue and Liar’ in Desperate Tweet as FBI Agents Set to Testify in Front of Congress

Leaker James Comey slammed President Trump Monday from his Twitter account in a cryptic tweet.

James Comey is growing desperate as FBI agents prepare to testify in front of Congress on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal.

James Comey is a leaker and a liar.

The fired FBI Director leaked contents of memos he penned stemming from several confidential conversations he had with President Trump to his ‘friend’ Daniel Richman to leak to the press.

Comey leaked the memos to prompt a Special Counsel investigation into President Trump.

James Comey is crooked and should spend the rest of his life in prison for leaking classified information. Instead he’s on a book tour smearing President Trump.

Comey slammed Trump on Monday, shortly after the President said he has the power to pardon himself and accurately stated the Mueller witch hunt is “totally unconstitutional.”

Comey tweeted: Just finished Jon Meacham’s “The Soul of America.” Good reminder that facts and the essential goodness of the American people always triumph. It can take a while, but decency and the rule of law inevitably win over demagogues and liars. So long as we all stand up and speak out

Comey didn’t call out the President by name but it is obvious he is referring to Trump.

James Comey is getting desperate as we near the release of the damning IG report.

House Republicans are set to interview three witnesses in early June regarding the sham Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Peter Strzok’s boss Bill Priestap will testify on Capitol Hill on Tuesday about the Clinton email scandal and the Russia-Trump case.

The third witness is John Giacalone who preceded Steinbach as the bureau’s top national security official and oversaw the first seven months of the Clinton probe.

The word is that Giacalone quit the FBI in protest over how the higher ups were killing the investigation.

Last month, James Gagliano, a retired FBI agent who left the bureau in 2015 said buckle up because the IG report will be very damning. In fact, his sources are saying “it’s worse than expected.”

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