John Legend: ‘I Don’t Give a F*ck’ About Sarah Sanders Being Fat Shamed (VIDEO)

Singer and Democratic political activist John Legend asserted that he does not “give a f*ck” about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders being fat shamed because he disagrees with the administration’s border policies.

TMZ caught up with Legend outside Madeo in Beverly Hills and asked him for his take on the calls for harassment by Maxine Waters and the fat shaming of Sanders by D-list celebrity Claudia Jordan.

The TMZ reporter first asked Legend if he thought Waters cost the Democrats the midterm elections with her rhetoric.

“No, that’s ridiculous. Maxine is the O.G. and she did a great job, she called them out,” Legend responded while signing autographs for fans.

TMZ went on to ask how he felt about Sanders being fat shamed by Jordan, who told TMZ on Tuesday that Red Hen restaurant did her a favor by throwing her out because she isn’t missing any meals.

“Ask me, should we be reuniting 2000 kids with their parents? Ask me that,” Legend said, to which the reporter obliged. “Yes, we should,” he asserted.

Legend then went on an expletive laced rant about how he doesn’t care about Sanders.

“I don’t care about f*cking Sarah Sanders. Reunite the f*cking kids with their families and then we’ll talk about Sarah Sanders and her f*cking dinners,” the singer claimed.

The interview was further evidence that the left does not actually care about empowering women, body positivity or any of the other virtue-signalling they spout off about — unless the “victim” shares their political ideology.



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