James Woods Pounds Pelosi Into Dirt After She Pans Latest Jobs Numbers as “Meaningless” and “Bad For Middle Class”

Democrats are convinced if they say middle class enough Americans will be fooled into voting for them and their job-killing, open borders policies.

The US unemployment rate reported on Friday morning is now down to 3.8%, the lowest unemployment rate since 2000!

Black unemployment is at an all-time low. Wages are rising again.

The news was too much for “crumbs” Pelosi.

The minority leader trashed the unemployment number as meaningless and bad for the middle class.
She really IS insane.

Of course, Pelosi is lying.

The Democrats have no plan. They can only bitch.

James Woods slammed lying Pelosi and Democrats over the weekend.

Woods tweeted: #Pelosi is terrified that Americans are working again, of course. The entire #Democrat strategy is based on welfare, illegal immigration, and taxing those who work and create. Misery and poverty are the recruiting engine of the Democratic Party.

James Woods then tweeted a New York Post cover celebrating the jobs numbers “We’re in the Money,” and reminded Americans to remember in November “Pelosi wants to end this.”

James Woods is 100% correct.

The Democrats have no message for Americans which is why their platform consists of protecting illegal aliens (including MS-13 killers) and buying votes with a permanent welfare class. Pathetic.

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