IRONY: Pro-Life Activists Shouted Down by Mob of #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch Protesters (VIDEO)

In a moment of extreme irony, pro-life activists were shouted down by a mob of Democratic Party protesters during the “Families Belong Together” march in Washington, DC.

The protests against the United States having control over their borders were organized by under the guise of caring about children being temporarily separated from their parents when they arrive illegally. Yet, when confronted about little lives inside a womb, the protesters lost their minds.

Journalist Nickolai Sukharev captured photos of the pro-life activists and a video of the mob that surrounded them. The Democrats encircled the pro-life activists and began chanting “shame” over and over — an intimidation tactic that we often see used on members of the press and others that they disagree with.

On social media, hundreds of people also expressed confusion about how the Democratic Party is staging protests “for the children” nationwide while simultaneously advocating for abortion.



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