IG Report: McCabe Continued to Involve Himself in Clinton Probe AFTER He Recused Himself For Conflicts of Interest

On Thursday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his much anticipated review on FBI and DOJ actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

According to the Inspector General, McCabe continued to involve himself in the Clinton probe AFTER he recused himself for obvious conflicts of interest.

Even worse, McCabe deliberately hid his recusal from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As previously reported, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained documents in November of 2017 showing Deep State Andrew McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the FBI’s email investigation of Hillary Clinton until ONE WEEK before the presidential election (Nov 2016) despite obvious conflicts of interest with his wife’s campaign donors.

Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe is an ER Pediatrician who was recruited to run for state Senate in Virginia. She lost the race in November of 2015 and subsequently came under heavy scrutiny for $700,000 in campaign donations she received from Hillary’s friends whilst her husband was investigating Clinton.

According to Judicial Watch McCabe controlled resources supporting the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal while his wife was running for Virginia State Senate:

Now we find out he was still involved in Hillary Clinton’s probe even though he recused himself from the investigation.

Follow this thread from investigative reporter, Paul Sperry…

McCabe was present at meetings where the Clinton email investigation was discussed.

The FBI did not publicize McCabe’s recusal from the Clinton investigations.

The IG found at least THREE instances where McCabe continued to involve himself in Clinton’s investigation even though he recused himself Nov 1st, 2016.

McCabe and Lisa Page deliberately withheld McCabe’s recusal from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

McCabe did not fully comply with his recusal.

So Andrew McCabe was able to protect Hillary Clinton during the ENTIRE investigation and didn’t recuse himself until a week before the election.

Now we find out he was still meddling in Hillary’s investigation despite his recusal.

And Horowitz says there was no political bias at the FBI…

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