Huffington Post Doxes Pro-Trump Writer, Gets Her Husband Fired… And Now They’re Targeting Her Brother! …BECAUSE SHE’S CONSERVATIVE!

Do Not Be Fooled — This is a Warning to ALL CONSERVATIVES!
If you speak out against the left – You will be destroyed. Your job will be targeted. You will not work. Your family will be targeted.

Let this be a warning!

Amy Mek is a top pro-Trump conservative voice on Twitter.

Amy also is an outspoken critic of radical Islam.
Because of this she remains anonymous on Twitter.

Because of her powerful voice and amazing success Amy Mek is constantly under attack.
Far left critics threaten to expose her and her family. They know this puts them all in mortal danger.

Huffington Post writer Luke O’Brien recently discovered Amy’s true identity. He harassed Amy, her husband and her family.

Luke O’Brien called her husband’s employer and had him fired.

Luke O’Brien


This is the modern day left. They are nothing but violent fascists who are out to destroy their opposition.

The left is through discussing the issues.
They’ve switched tactics.
Now they are out to destroy you… AND your family.

This is behavior we once witnessed in communist regimes.
Today it’s the Democrats.

Now this…
Huffington Post not only doxed Amy Mek and put her family in danger. They got her husband fired. And now they are after her brother WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER TWITTER ACCOUNT!

From the comments at Huffington Post—
Via Jeff Giesea:

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