GOP Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Giving DOJ 7 Days to Turn Over Documents Owed to Congress

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) and fellow GOP Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) introduced a resolution giving the DOJ 7 days to turn over documents owed to Congress.

Rep. Jim Jordan announced Wednesday he will be joining Chairman Meadows to introduce a resolution that would give the Justice Department 7 days to turn over documents owed to Congress.

Jordan then called for an immediate vote on the resolution.

Jim Jordan tweeted: @RepMarkMeadows and I are introducing a resolution that would give the DOJ seven days to turn over the documents that they owe Congress. We need to vote on this immediately.

Rep. Jordan then ripped DAG Rosenstein for threatening Congressional staff members. “It’s time for House Leadership to stand up.”

Jim Jordan tweeted: Rod Rosenstein threatened congressional staff. When the bully picks on your little brother, you have to respond. It’s time for House Leadership to stand up.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to subpoena emails, phone records and other documents of Republican lawmakers on the House Intel Committee back in January, confirming previous reports

On Tuesday, Fox News Catherine Herridge reported on emails obtained memorializing a January 18, closed-door meeting with DOJ, FBI and House Intel members where Rosenstein threatened GOP-led staffers if they didn’t stop their investigation.

Of course the FBI and DOJ are disputing this account and defending Rosenstein.

The swamp always protects their own.

On Tuesday night Jeff Sessions told Tucker Carlson that he did not believe Rosenstein threatened Congress.

House Leadership needs to clean house and get rid of Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray.

UPDATE: GOP lawmakers Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan officially introduced the resolution Wednesday afternoon.

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