Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino: The Trump Investigation “Started with Zero Evidence at All” – Trump Was Spied On Illegally!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino laid out an argument on his podcast that the reason that there is no start date for the Trump – Russia investigation is because there was no crime that backs reasons for spying on Trump.

Bongino started this discussion at the 34 minute mark of his podcast –

Let me throw a ‘what if’ out at you. What if the reason they cannot agree on a date, anyone at this point who was involved in the Spygate scandal on Trump. What if the reason they can’t agree on the date is because nobody really knows the date.

Why do people keep saying, if you listen to yesterday’s show, all things start happening around late spring of 2016. The reason they don’t want to agree on a date is because certain things happened in this investigation. In other words the recruitment of a spy, this guy Halper, to interact with Trump team members to try and entrap them and probe them for information.

Now Joe, the reason they are just up in the air on this is because traditionally the way federal investigations work and I guess….

The reason no one will agree on a date, and I brought this up on Laura Ingraham last night on her FOX show, is because if the date of the investigation is earlier than those things [spying on Trump team], and they can’t point to a tangible piece of evidence that led to this, you have an investigation that started with zero evidence at all. That’s why they keep leaving the date up in the air.

Bongino goes on the explain that if the crooks in the FBI and DOJ and other government agencies started spying on candidate Trump and his team before they were able to point to a reason to spy on these individuals, then the Trump team was spied on because of who they were and not because of a crime.

This is illegal. The federal government can’t just spy on someone. There has to be a crime or some tangible reason to support the spying operation and to date the government cannot supply that reason or date.

As we’ve noted previously, there are text messages from corrupt FBI Investigator Peter Strzok that show that the FBI set up multiple spies into the Trump campaign as early as 2015.

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