Former Navy Seal Warns Veteran Advocacy Group is Falsifying Evidence about Alleged ‘Child Sex Trafficking Camp’

The founder of the homeless advocacy group, Veterans on Patrol, who uncovered an alleged sex trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona last week is misleading the public about evidence he claims to have found on the encampment, a former Navy SEAL who investigated the scene warns.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Veterans on Patrol founder, Michael “Lewis Arthur” Meyer, stumbled upon a camp last Tuesday where he found trees with wrist restraints, children’s clothing, pornographic material, dozens of boxes of brunette hair dye, sex lubrication, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, children’s dolls and a 5 feet tall underground septic tank that Meyers has described “as being impossible for a child to escape from.”

But Meyer, who has a history of inserting himself in the center of controversy, sparked national outrage with claims that he found the corpse of a child near the camp and a child’s skull.

According to the Tucson Police Department and Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, a former SEAL Team One sniper and founder of Vets4ChildRescue, who investigated the camp, there was no child’s body found.  The skull was that of an adult and was found 20 miles away from the encampment.

Meyer contacted Sawyer via a third party the evening he discovered the camp, claiming there were children on the premises and that he needed assistance to secure them from cartel. But when Sawyer arrived, armed for confrontation, there were no children present on the site.

Sawyer published a video on YouTube Friday night, warning that Meyer is sensationalizing “the very real problem” of child sex trafficking in the United States with false claims.

There may very well have been child trafficking taking place on the camp, Sawyer maintains, but there is no physical proof– no dead bodies, no perpetrators, no children, no blood – of criminal activity.

“The circumstantial evidence at the site suggests there is something more than just a homeless camp. But in the end, there was no physical evidence of a crime,” he says. “Child trafficking is a real problem and it’s a big problem. Just because this site was sensationalized doesn’t meant the problem doesn’t exist. Blowing things out of proportion and exaggerating doesn’t help legitimate organizations or law enforcement to vet the problem or save our children. Our organization has nothing to do with the sensationalism surrounding this site and we are not associated with Veterans on Patrol in anyway.

“Unfortunately, large portions of this story were then blown out of proportion,” he continued. “There were over 20 officers and command staff involved in the investigation. The claim that TPD was not there and did not conduct an investigation is false. The claim that there were children on the site is false. The claim that condoms were found on the site is false. The claim that there was a bloody knife found on the site is false. The claim that there was a shallow grave found on the site is false. The claim that a bone sticking out of the ground was found on the site is false. The claim that a human body was found on the site is false. The skeletal remains were found 20 miles away, in Morena, Arizona, not south Tucson.

Meyer, who is a veterans advocate, not a veteran, has a criminal record and was arrested twice in 2015 for climbing flag poles in Surprise, Arizona to draw attention to veteran suicides. He was also arrested in 2017  for trespassing while accompanying an 83-year-old veteran woman in Phoenix, that he believed was being mistreated by her family, in a hospital.

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