EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s Washington, Darling’ – Women Celebrate Trump in ‘MAGA’ Fashion Show (VIDEO)

Hundreds of women from around the country gathered in Washington DC Sunday to celebrate President’s Trump’s birthday, accomplishments and to show the world that contrary to the narrative of the liberal media, women love Trump.

The “birthday extravaganza,” hosted by Virginia Women for Trump included high tea and a conservative fashion show featuring gowns by Andre Soriano, the designer shunned by the fashion world after he designed the “Make America Great Again” gown worn by singer, Joy Villa to the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Soriano, argued in an interview with the Gateway Pundit that anti-Americans should just leave the United States.

“I grew up loving a lot of celebrities. They’re like my icons, especially Madonna. But she wants to bomb the White House. Ashley Judd insinuating that Donald Trump is raping Ivanka. They are so nasty. Like the Bible says, the truth will set you free,” he said. “And the media are always lying, I am tired of people lying, if they don’t like living in the United States, they should move somewhere else.”

“I moved to this country, I love it. I was just in Paris and Italy and they were like ‘oh my God Andre, I love America I want to live there,’” he continued. “And people that live here don’t even see how lucky they are, living in this beautiful country of ours.”

The designer, who immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines, said he so fed up with the Trump haters that one day he took the Trump campaign flag from his house and made a gown out of it.

“I saw the woman’s march and there’s a lot of haters in our country,” he said. “There is actually a campaign flag for Trump during the time frame, so I took it down from my front porch and made a gown out of it.”

“It’s Washington, darling, Hollywood is so last season,” he added. “The people, they should be the ambassador of peace and love like our president.

Female Trump supporters modeled over 50 gowns.



Alice Butler Short, the founder of Virginia Women for Trump, argued the outpouring of women from across the nation to celebrate Trump should “debunk the media myth that women do not like him.”

“We women feel that we are in spiritual war. The women I know pray and thank God that this man came along and gave him the energy, wisdom and strength. This president is really a brilliant man and he’s way underestimated because the media is mostly left-wing they won’t give him any credit,” Butler Short said in an interview with Gateway Pundit. “I had people from Hollywood, I had models here Pro-Trump who came at their own expense and bought their own ticket to model. Every single model who walked the runway today was a woman for Trump.”

“We women are passionate about this country and the values that were left to us by our founding fathers we are passionate about preserving those principles on which this country was founded, which we saw being denigrated by political correctness,” she continued. “For me it’s about my grandchildren I don’t want to leave a legacy of socialism to them. I want them to know that their grandma did the best, along with the president and millions of other women in this country. If the media would only listen and look and interview the women who feel like I do and the hundreds of women who were in the room today. We were sold out, we had to stop people from coming through the door, they came from all over Florida, Michigan, Texas, California, New Jersey, one woman came from London.”

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