EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk Talk ‘Dummycrats’ – Their First Movie Production will Expose ‘The Real Party of the KKK’ (VIDEO)

Trump supporters and YouTube sensations Diamond and Silk produced a soon-to-be released movie called, “Dummycrats,” because “while President Trump is draining the swamp, Diamond and Silk are going to be exposing” the swamp, the social media stars told Gateway Pundit.

“We are doing our movie, Dummycrats, because it’s time to expose the hypocrisy coming from the left. It’s time to expose the real party of the KKK. The real party that only wants to give you enough to keep you quiet, but not enough to make a difference. That’s what we are doing,” Diamond said in an interview on Sunday evening at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

Diamond and Silk, who became famous for supporting Trump during the 2016 campaign, have amassed more than 1 million followers for their pro-Trump videos, have accused Facebook of demonstrable political bias and outright censorship after the social media company labeled their Facebook page “unsafe to the community.”

In April, the sisters were called to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee to demonstrate where they blasted the Democratic Party for ignoring their rights to bringing issue of censorship to light.

But conservatives are not beholden to leftist controlled corporations to “bring the good news,” which Dummycrats will demonstrate, Diamond asserted.

“When social media do what they do, oh, honey, when a door closes a big ol’ window opens – you just walk right on through that window. Hop out the window and go ahead and start spreading the good news. This president right here, Donald Trump is going to make America greater than we’ve ever seen it before,” she said. “When they stop you that way, you have to pop up another way.

While the left inundates the American public with propaganda castigating conservatives as “racists” and “Nazis”, as 90 percent of the African Americans consistently vote Democrat, the sisters say they are taking their “message to the streets” and minorities are “amazed” to learn the truth about the Democrat Party.

“We do our chit chat touring across this country – getting the message out about how people should go to the polls and vote, and you want to vote for people that have our president’s agenda in mind,” Diamond said.

“What’s happening, often time to minorities – and I hate to call black people, or Hispanic people or Asian people minorities, but that’s the little word that [lefitists] use –  sometimes people get left because they are not paying attention,” she continued. “You have to get out there in the streets and you have to tell people the hypocrisy on the left and exactly what they are doing. They are amazed, like ‘woah, I didn’t even know that was happening.’ You have to educate. The more they hate, the more you educate. And you have to understand your haters will make you greater. And if they try to smear us, they only do it because they fear us.”

Republicans are in control of the White House, have majority control of both houses of Congress. Most governorships and state legislatures are owned by Republicans. The failures of leftist policies, particularly those enacted during the Obama administration, have become manifestly clear.

Yet, Democrats have yet to be held accountable for crime after crime because they successfully “spin the narrative,” social media stars argued.

“This is how the Left do, they like to spin a narrative – they like to spin a story and think you are going to bite and eat it, but they don’t know the American people look at them as fake news, it’s a fake narrative,” Diamond said.

Americans aren’t buying the liberal propaganda and their brazen lies will ultimately incentivize American’s to resoundingly reelect Trump, Diamond continued.

“We are not just staying woke, we are paying attention. And you know what’s going to happen, President Trump is going to be president in 2020,” she said. “Our president is being railroaded and it’s time for people to come to the table and take responsibility for their actions – for all the corruption and collusion that was going on with the FBI under the Obama administration. People should be held accountable, and then what they should do is march them off in handcuffs and leave this president alone so that he can continue to make America great again.”

“Its time to stop spending our tax dollars on this foolishness,” Silk added, repudiating the Russia probe. “Its time for Mueller to stop this so-called witch hunt of an investigation.”

To learn more, visit DummycratsTheMovie.com.

To preorder a digital download, DVD, signed poster, or tickets to the premiere, visit the film’s GoFundMe page.

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