Ex-Obama Security Adviser Ben Rhodes: ‘Worries Me’ That Government Can’t Edit People’s Facebook Feeds (VIDEO)

The emergence of social media has shattered the left’s media dominance.

Conservative leaning news sites like the Gateway Pundit, Breitbart and The Daily Caller were able to use social media to eclipse the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election, according to a report from Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

President Trump mastered social media to get his message directly to the American people.

As a result, the left is desperate to censor people’s Facebook news feed.

Facebook launched new algorithms that prevents Gateway Pundit posts from appearing in people’s Facebook news feeds. The algorithms have even caused President Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%.

Last month, scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton admitted she wanted to become the CEO of Facebook to control the flow of information.

Now, former top Obama aide Ben Rhodes is warning about the government’s inability to access the Facebook feeds of private citizens and “edit” what they determine to be “fake news” will jeopardize the electoral process.

While discussing the alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee server during the 2016 election and the leaking of DNC and Clinton campaign emails, Rhodes, Obama’s former Deputy National Security Advisor, warned that the accessibility of “fake news” on social media and Russian propaganda is more concerning than data breaches.

“The government didn’t have a lot of capacity to deal with this – I mean we can’t edit people’s Facebook feeds and say ‘that’s fake news, and that’s not’” he said. “And what worries me today, Andrea, is that we still don’t have a lot of capacity, and frankly our government’s probably not doing anything to prevent this.”

As a result of the government not controlling Facebook feeds, Rhodes continued, the “likelihood” of Russia spreading fake news on Facebook in future elections “is very high.”

A new HBO documentary called “The Final Year,”which examines the last days of the Obama administration, shows a devastated Rhodes trying to process the fact that Trump had won the 2016 election, seemingly holding back tears.

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