Comey Responds to IG Report: ‘This Report Says I Was Wrong. But That’s Good For the FBI’

On Thursday, fired FBI Director James Comey responded to the Inspector General’s report in an op-ed in the New York Times.

‘This report says I was wrong. But that’s good for the FBI,’ said Comey.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his much anticipated review on FBI and DOJ actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Comey broke from FBI procedure but was not politically biased.

What a joke. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that James Comey has a deep-seated hatred of Donald Trump.

Comey penned an op-ed in the New York Times prior to the IG report being released to the public.

Comey first tweeted: I respect the DOJ IG office, which is why I urged them to do this review. The conclusions are reasonable, even though I disagree with some. People of good faith can see an unprecedented situation differently. I pray no Director faces it again. Thanks to IG’s people for hard work.

Then Comey tweeted out his NY Times op-ed.

In the NY Times op-ed, Comey brags the Inspector General found “no evidence of bias or improper motivation affected the investigation.”

The Department of Justice’s independent watchdog, the inspector general, has released a report that is critical of my decisions as F.B.I. director during the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email account. The report concludes that I was wrong to announce the F.B.I.’s completion of the investigation without coordinating with the attorney general and that I was wrong to inform Congress in late October that we had reopened the investigation.

In both situations, the inspector general’s team concludes, I should have adhered to established norms, which they see as mandating both deference to the attorney general on the public announcement and silence about an investigation so close to an election.

I do not agree with all of the inspector general’s conclusions, but I respect the work of his office and salute its professionalism. All of our leaders need to understand that accountability and transparency are essential to the functioning of our democracy, even when it involves criticism. This is how the process is supposed to work.

This report is important for two reasons.

First, the inspector general’s team went through the F.B.I.’s work with a microscope and found no evidence that bias or improper motivation affected the investigation, which I know was done competently, honestly and independently.

What a complete sham.

No political bias? 

Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok sent his mistress a text message saying “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President.

This text message from Strzok was sent to Page 9 days after “Crossfire Hurricane” was opened and 6 days before the “insurance policy” text.

Someone may have deleted this damning text message because it was ‘missing’ from a previous doc dump.

Rep. Meadows also revealed this damning text message was HIDDEN from Congressional investigators as well as the public.

Investigative reporter, Paul Sperry cautioned earlier Thursday that Horowitz is deeply conflicted.

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