CHARLIE KIRK at TPUSA’s Women’s Leadership Summit: “Women Are Shaping the Greatest Presidency in Modern US History”

Guest post from the TPUSA Women’s Leadership Summit

Charlie Kirk at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit 2018:

“An Unprecedented Number of Female Leaders Appointed by the Trump Administration Are Shaping the Greatest Presidency in Modern American History”

Over 1200 young women from all backgrounds representing 48 states gathered in Dallas for Turning Point USA’s 4th Annual Young Women’s Leadership Conference.

At the Friday evening banquet, Turning Point USA’s Founder, Charlie Kirk, interviewed WH Counselor KellyAnne Conway before a room of politically charged young women, who represent one of the most coveted demographics in American Politics.

“This country is more than ready for a female President, just not that one,” stated Conway. “We kept open the job of first female President of the United States, and maybe she’s in this room,“ Conway added as the inspired young activists broke out in applause.

Continuing with the female empowerment theme, Conway and Kirk expounded on the fact that President Trump has placed an unprecedented number of women in top leadership positions and as heads of government agencies, some of which have never had female leadership before, including Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA and the nomination of the Marine Corps Col. Lorna Mahlock to serve as the first black female Marine Corps brigadier general.

During the discussion, Kirk underscored the vital importance of having young conservative female voices engage in the political conversations occurring on university campuses across the nation. He added, “What happens on college and high school campuses now will play a pivotal role in saving Western Civilization.”

Conway, who founded one of the most successful polling and cultural trend predicting consultancies in DC, expounded upon one of the main themes that emerged at #YWLS2018, the freedom of expression. “Don’t worry about being different. God made you unique, so stand out from the sameness. Be it and do it, don’t just say it” said Conway.

During the Saturday session, Candace Owens, Turning Point USA’s Communications Director, inspired the young female crowd by describing her personal experiences with the left’s “outrage culture ”. She encouraged them to develop their own authentic voice and to speak the truth courageously against the outrage culture’s attempt to force conformity and collectivism on to America. She left the eager young activists with some final words of encouragement, “I don’t want you to look up to me for what I believe in, but I want you to look up to yourselves for what each of you believes in.”

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