Ben Stein: “Mr. Trump Has a Kind of a Magic He Gives Off” — Manufacturing Jobs Up 322,000 Since Trump Took Office (VIDEO)

256,000 manufacturing jobs were created over the past two months.

This is more than the last 30 months combined!

322,000 since Donald Trump took office.

Author, actor and lawyer Ben Stein joined FOX Business Network on Monday to discuss the Trump jobs boom.


Ben Stein praised President Trump for the manufacturing miracle.

Ben Stein: The magic wand is optimism. Business runs on optimism. Optimism is the heartbeat of the economy. I think everyone in the hiring end of that world is optimistic now that the government is not going to stomp on their oxygen hose and is not going to do anything tricky to stamp them down, to keep them down… It’s been sort of a miracle. I mean, I hate to think maybe I’m dreaming this and I’m going to wake up and it’s not true but it is a miraculous recovery… Mr. Trump has a kind of a magic he gives off.

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