ATX TV Festival Hosts Panel Calling for More On-Screen Abortions, Especially on Shows With Younger Audiences

Producers appearing on a panel about abortions at the ATX Television Festival over the weekend called for more abortions to take place on screen so that it is treated “more casually” — especially on shows with younger audiences.

TV producers Rina Mimoun (Everwood) and Mauricio Mota (East Los High) made the comments during the “Her Body, Her Choice” panel presented by USC’s Hollywood, Health & Society organization.

The producers claimed that the lack of airtime for the gruesome procedure is a means of “controlling women.”

“Both Mimoun and Mota’s shows have incorporated abortion plotlines in the past. Referencing his show’s portrayal of abortion, Mota insisted, “It’s very important to talk about abortion, but it’s important to talk about the systemic things related to abortion,” Life Site reports.

Mota, who is male, claimed during the panel that “abortion is just one of the facets of society’s search to control women.”

Mimoun urged television writers to add more plot lines involving abortions — especially on shows with younger viewers.

“Everyone is so afraid to be earnest or afraid to be like preachy or teach-y. There are so many things and they’d rather be salacious,” she warned. “They’re trying to shock you into watching their shows and there aren’t as many people that are [embracing] the challenge of educating. It’s an opportunity that we have.”

“It’s an amazing chance and every time you waste it or you blow it or you go in the other direction and message them terribly for no reason except that you want the ratings,” she added, “shame on you is what I say.”


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