“You’re a Liar!… You Lie Through Your Teeth!” Alan Dershowitz SLAMS #NeverTrump Hack and Bushie Richard Painter (VIDEO)

Richard Painter is a lawyer and the former chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush Administration.

Painter is also an outspoken #NeverTrumper and is running for senate in Minnesota AS A DEMOCRAT!

Richard Painter is also not very honest for an ethics lawyer.
Painter believes there are numerous officials in the Trump administration with ties to Russia which of course is a completely ridiculous statement of a deranged lunatic.

On Saturday Richard Painter and attorney Alan Dershowitz went on MSNBC to discuss the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt.

The interview ended with Dershowitz handing Painter a thorough tongue lashing on his many lies.

Alan Dershowitz: Well, today the worst place you want to be is a friend or business associate of Donald Trump because prosecutors will stop at nothing to try to flip you and use you as a witness against him. There are two tragedies here. One the way the White House has behaved and second is with Mueller who has a mixed reputation when I was in Boston in regard to four innocent people who spent their life and two of them dying in prison.

Richard Painter: That’s not true. You cannot say that about him. That is not true professor.

Alan Dershowitz: It is true. Look Painter is a zealot… Well, let me talk about your reputation. Painter is trying to parlay his anti-Trump zealotry into a run for the senate. He has lied repeatedly about me and other people who are Trump supporters.

Richard Painter: No. You have no right to go on national television and say things that are false about Robert Mueller.

Alan Dershowitz: You said, let me finish, that I know nothing about Israel. You condemn me for that. I have advised four presidents and advised four prime ministers of Israel. You lie through your teeth!

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