Wonderful! Senator Orrin Hatch Heaps Praise on President Trump After Release of US Hostage Josh Holt (VIDEO)

President Trump announced on Saturday morning that US hostage Josh Holt would be released from prison in Venezuela.

Josh Holt was in prison for two years since 2016 in Venezuela.

Josh Holt joined President Trump on Saturday night in the White House along with his family and Senators Orrin Hatch, Bob Corker and Steve Lee and Representative Mia Love.

During the remarks Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) heaped praise on President Trump for his amazing leadership.


Sen. Orrin Hatch: Mr. President I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. As you know I was the one guy who didn’t support you 100%. But I do now. I think you’re doing a terrific job. This shows why, basically you. You actually, these folks did a great job. I was really thrilled the way Bob handled himself. Caleb and others did such a good job. We have good people working with us. And the folks in this delegation all very sincerely wanted to get Josh out of it. And the parents are just as good of people as I’ve ever met in my life. And you better really live a good life… But this wouldn’t have happened without you. We just want you to know that when you look back over your tenure and the presidency, this is just one of the many great things you’re doing. But it’s really a great thing. And I know that we can rely on you and count on you and talk to you and meet with you. These are all very important things. We love you boy and just want to support you any way we can.

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