What Blue Wave? Senate Polls Show Generic GOP Sweeping Democrat Incumbents from Office

For all the media hype about a ‘Blue Wave’ sweeping Republicans from power in this November’s House and Senate mid-term elections, a comprehensive Morning Consult poll shows a Republican wave in the making in U.S. Senate elections across the country with five Democrat incumbents decisively losing by at least five percent and four other Democrat incumbents in statistical ties. Naturally, the poll has been ignored by much of the mainstream media.

Morning Consult describes the poll’s breadth, “2018 Midterms Featuring data from over 250,000 interviews with registered voters across the country.”

The Twitter account @PpollingNumbers posted the Morning Consult Senate results. @PpollingNumbers Twitter about reads, “We are a non-partisan group dedicated to keep you informed with recent political polls from trusted polling companies and predictions from reputable pundits.”

GOP 43 (+14)
Manchin (D – incumbent) 29

GOP 38 (+8)
Heitkamp (D- incu) 30

GOP 40 (+6)
Dem 34

GOP 39 (+5)
Donnelly (D – incu) 34

Hawley (R) 38 (+5)
McCaskill (D – incu) 33

GOP 42 (+5)
Tester (D – incu) 37

Scott (R) 38 (+1)
Nelson (D – Incumbent) 37

Casey (D – incu) 39 (+1)
GOP Candidate 38

Brown (D – incu) 38 (+2)
GOP 36

Tim Kaine (D – incu) 39 (+3)
GOP 36

Direct link to Morning Consult.

Yes this is May, and the election is in November and Republicans have been known to blow sure-thing Senate elections, but the hype of a ‘Blue Wave’ is overblown.

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