WATCH: Texas Student Attacks Teacher, Knocks Papers Off Desk, For Confiscating His Cellphone

No Punishment For Student Who Violently Attacked Teacher, “They Talked, They Hugged”

In a video recorded on Tuesday that has quickly gone viral, a tall black student is seen pushing paperwork off a teachers desk before attacking the teacher… all over a confiscated cell phone. The student was reportedly causing a disturbance and paying more attention to his cell phone than the teacher which resulted in the teacher confiscating the distraction.

The physics teacher in the video, Bobby Soehnge, has downplayed the student’s actions and stated: “He lost his balance and acted out.” Seriously? This is what teachers have to go through these days?! Soehnge went on to say, “The important thing was to not add any energy into the dynamic that would make the situation more complicated.”

Parent Chris Hunt posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “Wow this happened at my daughters school today?? This is sad. Father’s We Gotta Raise These Young Men Better, But I commend the teacher because he handled it & he’s a better man than me!!”

It gets even crazier. The school’s principal, McDonald, stated: “{The teacher} actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged.

Describing this behavior as a “teachable moment” that was resolved with “hugging” is disgusting; perpetuating the idea that this student was simply having a bad day – which somehow warrants his assault on the teacher – is setting a dangerous standard.

Personally, I was suspended for a half week back in high school simply for leaving school grounds during lunch hour to pick up food. If the new normal is an assault not warranting more than a “hug” then it’s no wonder why public education is failing our students.

Via NBC6:

“He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year. They have a great relationship and that was just a bad day the student was having.”

The student and his mom apologized, according to Cedar Hill ISD. He’s not being identified due to privacy laws, the district said.

Soehnge says he doesn’t hold a grudge, adding that a classroom is a place for growth whether that be in academics or life.

“There’s a way to solve complex problems whether it’s in Physics or even in life,” he said. “I think because he was so willing to accept ownership and the consequences of his actions show that he’s maturing–and that’s what we always want as a teacher.”

While some on social media have questioned whether Soehnge should have acted differently, the school says, he’s an example.

“It’s brave of him and it shows other people that you can control yourself and do things differently,” said student Shamya Hunt, student

Hunt runs a mentoring organization called the Dream Team. He said he wants to talk to the teenager in that video.

“I was that child so I could relate,” he said.

And he said Soehnge taught us all a lesson in remaining calm and showing the student compassion.


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