VIDEO: Watch Alan Dershowitz Smackdown CNN Legal Analyst Over FBI Spying on Trump Campaign

Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz defended President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice demand while appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday.

Dershowitz faced off against CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin regarding the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.

“I have to tell you, if this had happened to Hillary Clinton, the ACLU would be jumping up and down the way they did when I was on the board of the ACLU, when undercover agents were put into the anti-war movement, into Civil Rights movement,” Dershowitz said.

He added that “civil libertarians are generally a little bit suspicious when undercover agents go ‘just to ask questions.’ And I think we as civil libertarians ought to be suspicious of this. Allay our suspicions, and then we’ll be fine,.”

Toobin asserted that “this was a legitimate investigation” and Dershowitz shot him down saying that he does not actually know that.

“You have no evidence that it wasn’t,” Toobin said.

“Let’s find out,” Dershowitz fired back.

Dershowitz went on to remind CNN that when agents were sent in to spy on Martin Luther King Jr. they claimed that it was to protect him. 

“They always say they’re doing it to protect the good people from the bad people,” Dershowitz said.


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