Utah Senator: John McCain Not Expected Back in Senate

Senator Orrin Hatch told reporters he wish Senator McCain would reconsider his wish for President Trump to not attend his funeral.

Orrin Hatch also said he does not expect Senator McCain to return to the Senate.

John McCain told his inner circle this past weekend that he does not want President Trump at his funeral.

Politico reported:

Sen. John McCain should reconsider his wish that President Donald Trump not attend McCain’s funeral, said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the most senior GOP senator.

McCain prefers instead that Vice President Mike Pence attend his funeral rather than Trump, who has mocked McCain for being tortured and attacked him for voting against Obamacare repeal. But Hatch said he thought keeping the president from his funeral was too much: “I think it’s ridiculous.”…

…Hatch said he does not expect McCain, who is battling brain cancer, to return to the Senate.

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