Trump Threatens to Use His ‘Presidential Powers’ After DOJ Refuses to Turn Over Unredacted Rosenstein Memo Detailing Scope of Mueller Probe

President Trump threatened to use his ‘presidential powers’ and to “get involved” after the DOJ once again stonewalled the House GOP’s efforts to obtain key documents about Mueller’s witch hunt.

This week, the DOJ refused to hand over to Congress the unredacted Rosenstein memo detailing the scope of Mueller’s probe.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows drafted articles of impeachment against Rosenstein and now the President is unleashing fury.

As previously reported, Freedom Caucus Chairman, Mark Meadows drafted “articles of impeachment” against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as a “last resort” this week.

On Tuesday, Rosenstein freaked and referred to the impeachment threat as “extortion.”

Rep. Meadows was not fazed by Rosenstein and hit back harder.

Assistant AG Stephen Boyd said in a letter from the Justice Department, obtained by the Washington Examiner, the DOJ will not turn over the unredacted Rosenstein memo detailing Mueller’s scope:

“Although we are working to accommodate the requests of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a number of oversight matters, we cannot provide the requested information pertaining to the Special Counsel’s ongoing investigation consistent with longstanding principles of investigatory independence.”

Turning over the unredacted memo would “threaten the integrity” of Mueller’s investigation, the letter reads.

It would also violate Justice Department policy of “against confirming or denying information about active investigations,” wrote Boyd.

President Trump has had enough of the stonewalling and unconstitutional witch hunt.

On Wednesday morning, in response to the stonewalling by the DOJ, Trump threatened to use his presidential powers.

Trump tweeted: A Rigged System – They don’t want to turn over Documents to Congress. What are they afraid of? Why so much redacting? Why such unequal “justice?” At some point I will have no choice but to use the powers granted to the Presidency and get involved!

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