POTUS Trump Takes a Shot at Obama at Indiana Rally “Obama Paid $1.8 Billion For Hostages” (VIDEO)

President Trump held a campaign rally in Elkhart, Indiana Thursday; Vice President Mike Pence was also there.

Trump blasted Obama for paying $1.8 billion for hostages.

Three Americans returned home early this morning after being held hostage in North Korea and we didn’t have to send pallets of cash to get them freed.


Trump supporters attending the Indiana rally booed as Trump brought up Obama spending billions of dollars on hostages.

“Obama paid $1.8 billion for hostages,” Trump said to boos.


Last night early in the morning President Trump, his beautiful wife, the Vice President and his wife along with new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed home three Americans that were let free from North Korea. It was history in the making!

Barack Obama reportedly paid $1.7 Billion for the US hostages according to Iranian officials.

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