Trump Lawyer Giuliani: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Judge Ellis Dismisses Manafort Case for Government Misconduct (VIDEO)

Former New York City mayor and President Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss the ongoing Mueller witch hunt against President Trump.

Rudy told Judge Jeanine he wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Ellis dismissed Mueller’s charges against Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for government misconduct.

Judge Jeanine: This investigation went from Russia collusion.

Rudy Giuliani: Gone

Judge Jeanine: To obstruction.

Rudy Giuliani: Gone.

Judge Jeanine: Now who’s chasing porn stars? Why are we even going in this direction. And why are we not ending this unless there is evidence that hasn’t been unearthed?

Rudy Giuliani: You’re not missing anything. We’re not missing anything. We turned over the documents. And I’m in the process of getting through about a third of them so far. There’s no evidence of any of the things you’re talking about. The only evidence there is. The only crimes committed here have been given by the government. Which is why the judge, Judge Ellis, is so outraged. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t dismiss this case, the way the case of Senator Stevens was dismissed. Unfortunately, after the man died… The judge also has the right to determine that by government misconduct they have fatally tainted this case. And I believe in my heart that the Supreme Court will decide that.

Via Judge Jeanine:

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