Trump DHS Secretary Schools Democrat Senator On Immigration: “It’s A Law…” (VIDEO)

Via Michael LaChance at American Lookout:

Trump’s DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently gave an education to Democrat senator Patty Murray. They were talking about illegal immigration and Murray was pushing for more ‘humane’ treatment for people who are arrested for illegally crossing into the country.

Nielsen said that they treat people humanely but reminded Murray that some people who are picked up have committed other crimes and need to be held. She also reminded Murray that crossing the border illegally is a crime.

Here’s a transcript via the Daily Caller:

“I just want to say again — if you cross in between the ports of entry…” Nielsen started.

Murray then suggested that Nielsen’s opposition to illegal immigration is part of her political philosophy rather than her duty to follow the nation’s laws.

“I know what your philosophy is,” Murray said, cutting her off.

“It’s not a philosophy, it’s a law Congress passed,” Nielsen said exasperatedly. “So those people need to come to the ports if they want to seek asylum.”

What is it about this subject that Democrats can’t seem to grasp? We are a nation of laws and we have borders. When people come in by sneaking across the border they have broken the law. It’s just that simple.

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