Trump Aide GOES OFF on Senate Intel Committee Over Russia Witch Hunt “God Damn You to Hell”

Michael Caputo, a former campaign aide to President Trump unloaded on the Senate Intel Committee Tuesday over their Russia witch hunt in a blistering statement.

“I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election. I want to know because God Damn you to Hell,” Caputo said to Democrat snakes on Tuesday.

Michael Caputo is outraged over the Russia witch hunt which has cost him over $125,000 in legal fees, forcing him to uproot his family.

The Deep State is pure evil; they are destroying everyone in Trump’s inner circle with outrageous legal fees and threats of prison all because Hillary Clinton lost the election.

The Washington Examiner reported:

In Caputo’s closing statement obtained by the Washington Examiner, he said the panel’s investigation “forced” his family out of their home and “crushed” his children due to mounting legal costs associated with the inquiry.

“Today, I can’t possibly pay the attendant legal costs and live near my aging father, raising my kids where I grew up,” Caputo said. “Your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money — more than $125,000 — and making a visceral impact on my children.”

Michael Caputo pointed the finger at the Senate Intel Dems such as Mark Warner and Dianne Feinstein who are either directly or indirectly involved perpetuating the Trump-Russia hoax.

‘Here’s how I know: how many of you know Daniel Jones, former Senate Intelligence staffer for Senator Dianne Feinstein? Great guy, right? Most of you worked with him. One of you probably just talked to him this morning.

‘Of course, very few of us in flyover country knew Daniel until recently. Now we know that he quit his job with your Senate committee not long ago to raise $50 million from ten rich Democrats to finance more work on the FusionGPS Russian dossier. The one the FBI used to get a FISA warrant and intimidate President Donald Trump, without anyone admitting — until months after it was deployed — that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

‘In fact, good old Dan has been raising and spending millions to confirm the unconfirmable – and, of course, to keep all his old intel colleagues up-to-speed on what FusionGPS and British and Russian spies have found. Got to keep that Russia story in the news.

‘Of course Dan’s in touch with you guys. We know from the news that he’s been briefing Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of this committee. Which one of you works for Senator Warner? Please give Danny my best.

Caputo blasted Daniel Jones as being a source for the recent fake news story about Michael Cohen visiting Prague reported by McClatchy

“But who is McClatchy’s second source? It couldn’t be Dan; he was the first source … So who could it be — perhaps one of his former Senate Intelligence colleagues? I mean, you’re all in this together. You’re the swamp.”
Caputo then called for an investigation into the investigators working together to coordinate this attack against President Trump.

In his closing statement to the Senate Intel Democrat snakes after a 3 hour interview, he really let them have it.

“Forget about all the death threats against my family. I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election,” Caputo said. “I want to know because God damn you to hell.”

Senator Mark Warner and Senator Dianne Feinstein are both top Democrats who are involved in this attempted coup of Donald Trump.

Mark Warner tried to set up a secret meeting with Christopher Steele via Adam Waldman who is a lobbyist for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s former staffer, Daniel Jones is still working with Fusion GPS.

Remember. Dianne Feinstein unilaterally released Glenn Simpson transcripts without consulting with fellow Senate Intel Panel members then blamed her decision to do so on a bad cold.

Partial transcript via Daily Mail.

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