Trump Administration Stands Behind Appointee Ximena Barreto, Rejects CNN’s Smear Job Attempt to Get Her Fired

Ximena Barreto, a pro-Trump Latina woman who was appointed to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will retain her job despite massive efforts by CNN to get her fired.

Barreto has been subjected to a lengthy smear and harassment campaign lead by CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski. The liberal political commentator has been echoing various left-wing organizations that are seemingly targeting pro-Trump appointees one-by-one.

Kaczynski even implied that Barreto is anti-Semitic — despite the fact that she actually has “Stand with Israel” in her Twitter bio.

In December 2017, Barreto was appointed as a deputy communications director in the department and moved herself and her young child from California to DC to help fulfill Trump’s policy objectives.

Barreto had worked tirelessly during the campaign to reach out to Latino and Hispanic voters. She set up events, held rallies, did media coordination in Southern California and acted as a surrogate.

After it was revealed that she had been given a position for her fantastic work during the campaign, liberal organizations including David Brock’s American Bridge opposition research firm scoured Barreto’s social media for anything that could be used to claim she is racist, though she herself is an immigrant.

This level of harassment has not been seen with any other appointees for previous administrations.

Following a hit piece from Media Matters, HHS put out a statement saying that Barreto had “been placed on administrative leave while the matter is reviewed.” The young mother received countless death threats during this time.

At the time, it seemed as though the administration was going to allow this woman who uprooted her entire life to be hung out to dry over out-of-context comments made when she was a private citizen — but thankfully that was not the case.

On May 1, HHS announced that she would be returning to work.

In a statement about the controversy, Barreto apologized to anyone who may have been offended by her statements.

“Comments I made as a private citizen before I was hired at HHS were brought to light by concerned members of the press. In the heated and hyper-passionate political campaign environment, I made generalized comments regarding race relations and radical Islam. I fully understand that these emotionally-charged comments were hurtful, and I deeply apologize to members of both communities,” Barreto said.

“I love America and it’s people. I have many, many friends of all races and religions, and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with them all as we labor to improve our nation for future generations. America is the land of opportunity, I hope for the opportunity of understanding and forgiveness,” the statement concluded.

Those close to Barreto are extremely grateful to the Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) and administration for not caving to pressure from the attacks.


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