This Has Not Aged Well: Jake Tapper Condemns President Trump for Accusing Obama of Spying on His Campaign (VIDEO)

This didn’t age well.
Jake Tapper lambasted the American public in 2017 for believing Obama spied on Trump.

Jake Tapper: We noticed some numbers that alarmed us today. They appeared in an ABC-Washington Post poll. Showing a shockingly high percentage of Americans believe President Obama intentionally spied on Donald Trump and members of his campaign.

This was after President Trump accused Barack Obama of spying on Trump Tower.

Tapper continued: If McCarthyism is defined as making wild accusations without any evidence, the only thing that were McCarthyism were the president’s tweets.

Of course, now we know that Trump was absolutely correct and that the Obama administration was not only spying on Trump Tower but they even implanted a spy into his campaign.


Sorry Jake Tapper.

Via Ryan Saavedra:

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