THANK GOD: Pope Francis Hints At Retirement

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis remained one of the more controversial far-left liberal popes in the history of the Catholic Church. You may remember his continuous endorsements of socialism and socialist ‘ideals’. You may also remember when TGP reported Francis told believers that Muslim terrorism does not exist and the dangers of radicalism exists equally in all religions. While it may seem far-fetched, the Pope also instructed the Vatican newspaper to praise Karl Marx

Well, all things *may* be reverting back to normal soon, as it has just come out that the Pope is exploring retirement. THANK GOD.

During the Pope’s Tuesday homily, Pope Francis made the remark, “When I read this, I think about myself, because I’m a bishop and I’ll have to take my leave.”

He went further to say that Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement “opened the door” to the resignation of future popes.

Pope Francis has yet to directly say if he definitively will retire and what that timeline would look like.


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