Teen Tyrant David Hogg Targets President Trump With Proposed Die-In at a Trump Hotel

Parkland school shooting leftist gun control activist David Hogg is targeting President Donald Trump with a proposed die-in at one of the President’s namesake hotels. Hogg is apparently emboldened by the (partial) success of his die-in protest last Friday at a Publix grocery store over its donations to pro-Second Amendment Republican politician Adam Putnam that prompted the Florida-based supermarket chain to suspend political donations. Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, is running for governor this year.

David Hogg stages a die-in at a Florida Publix store, May 25.

Hogg is an 18-year-old Stoneman Douglas High School senior who has parlayed being at the school the day of the February 14 massacre at the school by a former student into a nascent career as a Leftist revolutionary with a major in gun control. Hogg has made the NRA the chief target of his gun control campaign.

Hogg has had mixed results with his anti-NRA boycott bullying campaigns. He succeeded in getting several companies to drop NRA members benefits but failed when he threatened FedEx’s stock price as FedEx rejected his demand to cancel a NRA member benefit program. Hogg also had mixed results when he led a boycott tantrum of Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham when she tweeted about his self-proclaimed problems getting admitted to elite California universities. Several advertisers dropped their sponsorship of Ingraham but Fox News stood by Ingraham as did her audience, which according to reports grew during the controversy.

Hogg initially went after Trump Monday evening about bump stocks, writing, “Why didn’t you ban bump-stocks and raise the age to purchase firearm to 21 when you said you would?” and “We should all tweet ”Why didn’t you ban bump-stocks and raise the age to purchase firearm to 21 when you said you would? Are you afraid of the @NRA?” on every @realDonaldTrump tweet from now on”

Hogg then posted his proposal for a Trump hotel die-in with a question–as he has done with other campaigns he has initiated.

“So when are we doing a die-in at Trump Hotel?”

Hogg did not specify which Trump hotel, however he responded favorably, in emoji speak, to a supporter who said she could organize a die-in at the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C.

Hogg’s Trump hotel die-in tweet has garnered about 27,000 likes and almost 5,000 retweets. It has also received over 3,500 replies, with many suggesting Hogg stage a die-in at the South Side of Chicago where, despite strict gun control laws, shootings and murders in certain parts have been rampant for years.


A Publix customer service representative told this writer Friday night that Publix was suspending their political contributions for review, but was not rescinding any contributions. The representative also said Publix had not decided on Hogg’s demand for a $1 million donation to a Stoneman Douglas student fund.

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