Stormy’s Creepy Lawyer Threatens Trump, Giuliani – Leaks Cohen Bank Records: “Keep Attacking Me Mr. Giuliani, Please!”

Stormy Daniels’ sleazy lawyer, Michael Avenatti put President Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen on notice Friday.

“Come clean or wait to be outed.”

Avenatti then leaked information about Michael Cohen’s 2017-2018 payments to Demeter Direct Inc. in Los Angeles from his Essential Consultants LLC accounts. 

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Michael Avenatti taunted Trump and Cohen Friday in a tweet claiming ‘there is more evidence’ relating to Cohen’s dealings and Trump’s knowledge.

Avenatti tweeted: Let this serve as formal notice – there is significantly more evidence and facts to come relating to Mr. Cohen’s dealings and Mr. Trump’s knowledge and involvement. You can come clean now or wait to be outed. Your choice. We have only just begun…#Basta

Avenatti then leaked some more of Cohen’s bank info after Giuliani called him a “pimp.”

On April 9, 2018 FBI agents raided the office of one of Trump’s personal lawyers Michael Cohen at the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Michael Cohen is President Trump’s personal attorney. The Mueller mob took all of his records and emails.

One month later — Cohen’s financial documents are leaked to the porn star’s shady attorney.

Gee, how could this have happened?

The Treasury Department’s inspector general announced it was investigating whether confidential banking information related to President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen was leaked.
Of course, they were leaked!

On Wednesday Michael Cohen’s attorneys took aim at Michael Avenatti for publishing Cohen’s bank records.

We also need to know who is funding this hired gun. Avenatti says the claims he’s being funded by left-wing political interests is “utter bullsh*t.”

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