Some Things Never Change… #NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro Argues the Future of Republican Party is Anti-Trump

Ben Shapiro has an article posted in The Weekly Standard (a GOP elitist magazine that was staunchly anti-Trump) this month.

The article titled: “How Conservatives Can Win Back Young Americans” is the latest hit piece against President Donald Trump.

Shapiro argues that Trump supporters are like the man jumping off the Empire State Building.

Older conservatives, clutching the Trump presidency like a security blanket, sound less like steady advocates for calm and more like the man questioned about how things are going just after jumping off the top of the Empire State Building: “So far, so good.”

Shapiro argues that marijuana decriminalization and same sex marriage are issues young conservatives tend to support. These are also issues that President Trump did not spend much time on, unlike the ‘purist’ Republicans a Ben Shapiro would support.

President Trump is the most pro-gay Republican in a generation and the administration just swore in Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany.

Then Ben goes off on a tirade against Trump that could have been written by a “intellectual” in The New York Times.

Young conservatives, however, are more likely to see Trump as an obstacle to progress. Yes, they acknowledge that he’s pushed some great policies. Sure, they’re happy to praise him when he’s right, and they’re amused when he attacks members of the media over their obvious bias. But they see him mainly as a club the left can wield against the right in perpetuity—a political monster living under the bed that Democrats can dredge up every time conservatives seem to be making headway. They cite his egregious response to the Charlottesville alt-right march and subsequent terror attack and his willingness to wink and nod at the alt-right during the campaign; they point to his nasty comments regarding women, as well as his penchant for bedding porn stars; they cringe at his reported comments about immigrants and balk at his nearly endless list of prevarications.

Finally Ben Shapiro calls on all conservatives to trash Trump openly like he has for the past three years.

First, and most pressingly, with regard to President Trump this means condemning bad behavior. Conservatives should celebrate every victory for their policies earned by President Trump; they should praise him to the skies for them. Conservatives should laugh along with Trump when he correctly attacks phony media coverage. But they should not humor him over his personal failings, proclaim him a David-like figure in the absence of David-like holiness, or shrug off his various imbecilities and vile utterances simply because they like his policies. Young Americans aren’t judging Trump. They’ve already judged him. They’re judging you and determining whether or not they can ever vote for the same candidates you endorse based on whether or not they admire your character. That doesn’t mean Trump can’t win re-election or win over young people. But that requires him to change his character, and it requires us to call on him to do so.

Ben Shapiro was against Trump in the primary. He lied about Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewindowski in the hope of ruining the man’s life and to take down Trump. He regularly attacks trump in his appearances on TV and his recordings.

Ben Shapiro hasn’t changed. Even after all of President Trump’s amazing successes, Ben is still the first person to point out his faults.

Maybe the Republican party should reject the Ben Shapiro-types and embrace winners for a change — like Donald Trump?

It’s OK to be a winner, Ben.

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