Sleazy Avenatti Withdraws Motion to Represent Stormy Daniels in Cohen Case After Taking a Beating From Judge For ‘Publicity Tour’

Stormy Daniels’ sleazeball lawyer Michael Avenatti took a beating in a Manhattan federal court Wednesday morning by Judge Kimba Wood.

Avenatti subsequently withdrew his motion to represent Stormy Daniels in the Cohen case after the judge blasted him for his ‘publicity tours.’

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is under investigation for a $130,000 hush payment to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election.

The FBI raided Michael Cohen’s home and office and shortly after Michael Avenatti began to leak Cohen’s bank records to the public.

The sleazy porn star lawyer quickly became a darling of the fake news media.

CNN and other fake news outlets interviewed Avenatti over 147 times in a 10-week period.

Avenatti was even seen partying it up with his new friends at CNN.

The federal judge absolutely ripped Avenatti on Wednesday morning for his ridiculous publicity tours.

Via New York Mag court reporter, Cristian Farias:

Wow, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer took a major beating in court today: Judge Wood won’t let him appear provisionally before her just yet.

And then alluding to his thing for “publicity tours,” she told him this: “You will not be permitted to use this court as a platform for anything.”

This part was insane: Judge Wood cited the New York rules of professional responsibility and the likelihood of prejudice to Michael Cohen.

If admitted, she said, “you’d have to stop doing some things that you’ve been doing.”

Judge Wood then reminded Michael Avenatti that this is not a criminal case just yet but could one day become one and require actual jurors.

She suggested that the potential for undue publicity/document release could rob Michael Cohen “of a fair trial by tainting the jury pool.”

Avenatti withdrew his motion to represent Stormy in the Cohen case, reported CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz:

Cohen’s lawyer ripped Avenatti:

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