SHUT IT DOWN=> Mueller Investigating Roger Stone’s Finances – Including His Tax Returns


Robert Mueller is now reportedly probing Roger Stone’s finances, including his tax returns.

Mueller has zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion so he’s harassing anyone and everyone connected to the President. 

It is unclear why Mueller is seeking Stone’s finances; he may be pursuing unrelated charges.

CNN reported:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has been probing Roger Stone’s finances as it summons a series of witnesses to gather more information about one of President Donald Trump’s longtime advisers, according to people familiar with the situation.

Mueller’s team has questioned associates about Stone’s finances, including his tax returns.
“The special counsel having found no evidence or proof whatsoever of Russian collusion, trafficking in allegedly hacked emails with WikiLeaks or advance knowledge of the publication of (then-Clinton campaign chair John) Podesta’s emails now seems to be combing through every molecule of my existence including my personal life, political activities and business affairs to conjure up some offense to charge me with either to silence me or induce me to testify against the President,” Stone told CNN. “I have no intention of being silenced or turning my back on President Trump.”

Roger Stone also said Mueller’s team has contacted 8 people connected to him, however; he didn’t divulge anymore information.

Mueller probing Stone’s finances comes after the special counsel issued Grand Jury subpoenas to two of his associates including Stone’s driver.

Last Wednesday it was reported Robert Mueller issued two grand jury subpoenas to Roger Stone’s social media consultant, Jason Sullivan.

Mueller is investigating whether Trump’s longtime advisor Roger Stone or anyone in Trump’s inner circle had advance knowledge of the Russians hacking Podesta’s emails and sending them to WikiLeaks.

Roger Stone has repeatedly denied he was aware of any collusion between Trump’s camp and the Russians.

To this date, the FBI still has not done a forensic inspection of the DNC’s servers to confirm the Russians even hacked the servers.

Mueller is a pathetic man and a disgrace to this country.

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