SHOCK: MSNBC Host Suggests Sarah Sanders Should be Choked (VIDEO)

On Friday, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace suggested White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should be choked since she didn’t answer a question the way she saw fit.

MSNCB is now advocating violence against women.

On Friday, Sarah Sanders was asked about a disparaging comment made by a Trump aide about Senator John McCain’s health.

Sanders refused to answer the question which prompted MSNBC host Nicole Wallace, who was and advisor to McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, to suggest the WH Press Sec be strangled.

“How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck? Why can’t she just say if a staffer said that, we’re going to get to the bottom of it and she’ll be fired?”

This is MSNBC.


This isn’t the first time a lefty reporter has expressed their desire to become violent with Sarah Sanders.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor previously reported, CNN Political Analyst April Ryan spoke repeatedly about engaging White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a violent street fight following a confrontation in last Thursday’s press briefing where Sanders called out Ryan for making up a statement by Sanders and Ryan getting angry at Sanders in response.

Update: Nicole Wallace posted a most likely forced, quasi-apology/explanation on her Twitter account:

Wallace tweeted: When I asked about whether the tension in the briefing room ever makes reporters want to wring the neck of the spokesman, I used poorly chosen words, & for that I’m sorry. I was trying to imagine the exasperation of getting spin & not answers re: John Mccain being “about to die”

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