Senator Rand Paul Sends Letter to CIA Inquiring About Haspel’s Involvement in Trump Campaign Surveillance

Senator Rand Paul has sent a formal letter to the Central Intelligence Agency inquiring about Gina Haspel’s involvement or coordination in possible surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Speaking to The Gateway Pundit about the letter, Senator Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Doug Stafford explained that Haspel is a “John Brennan acolyte.”

“Gina Haspel is a John Brennan acolyte. Brennan is a now-visible and public opponent of President Trump. He is part of the deep state that opposed and now works against the President,” Stafford told TGP. “She should not be in charge of the CIA.”

The letter asks for clarification about under what circumstances the CIA will trail, monitor or otherwise collect information on the communications and movements of US presidential candidates. Senator Paul asked for a response relating to candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and himself.

Senator Paul’s letter goes on to directly ask Haspel if she, or anyone else at the CIA, are aware of any US government or non-government agency being involved in the surveillance of presidential candidates while they were travelling outside of the US.

“Have you, or anyone else at the CIA, ever cooperated with any foreign intelligence services to surveil, monitor, or collect any information on candidate Trump during his travels outside the United States in the preceeding five years? Specifically, was candidate Trump ever under any surveillance or of interest to the CIA during his previous visits in Europe?” Senator Paul asks.

The letter concludes by specifically asking if surveillance was conducted during Trump’s visit to Great Britain in November, 2016.


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