SCOTT ADAMS: Media Is Hurting Black People By Policing Who They Are Allowed To Talk To

Renowned author and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams shared his thoughts on Twitter yesterday after the disgraced publication VICE wrote an article smearing Adams and other Trump-friendly media figures that have publicly supported Kanye West.

“The point of the article was that Kanye and anybody who is correct-thinking in their views should not associate with anybody on their list of terribles,” said Adams. “I was on their list of terribles along with Mike Cernovich…Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, a bunch of others.”

Adams blasted VICE for attempting to restrict the right of other Americans to freely associate with others.

“This is really the first time I could think of where citizens are trying to restrict the rights of other citizens. The government does not restrict by law or by the Constitution who I can talk to, who I can be friends with, who I can associate with,” said Adams.

Explaining why the media coming after him “for the crime of associating with Kanye” was “dumb and destructive,” Adams pointed out that restricting the freedom of association “is a terrible human disservice.”

“Are you better off if you’re an adult black man if you can call Mike Cernovich and ask him for a favor or if you can’t? Which of those two life strategies gives you a leg up?” asked Adams. “Do you know who can help people that don’t have power?… People that have power.”

Using the recent viral example of a black teenage girl that was surprised at how a white man dressed in the Confederate flag stopped to help change her father’s tire, Adams explained that “the greatest untapped resource that black people have is that white people like to help.”


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