AMAZING INTERVIEW: Sarah Palin Goes All In Supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin, who had her own emails leaked by WikiLeaks, sang praises of the organization at an event in DC on Thursday evening.

Palin was speaking at a MAGA Coalition event at the Trump Hotel when she was asked about the treatment of Assange by One America News reporter Jack Posobiec.

Posobiec asked Sarah Palin how she felt about Julian Assange being stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with no internet and no communication to the outside world.

Palin, unlike Hillary Clinton, holds no ill will towards the publisher. She told Posobiec that Assange simply wants people to have information and that information is power. “We need that,” she said.

“We do have a lot of history….he leaked, published somehow a few emails of mine and I was so ticked off–he was such a foe until I started figuring out where he was headed with his agenda with what he’s doing is trying to provide people with information so that we can make better decisions for our own lives for the community, for our country, for the world and I really appreciate him more. I appreciate him so much I actually apologized to him for calling him out,” Palin said.

“He’s all about freedom. He wants people to have information. That’s power,” Palin concluded.


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