Rush Limbaugh: WaPo Knows “Secret Source” Obama Deep State Spy inside the the Trump Campaign

Last night we found out why the Deep State has been working so hard to take down President Trump and the republic.

Barack Obama was wiretapping and listening in on all of the Trump campaign and transition team calls.
And on Thursday we found out his Deep State minions had a spy inside the Trump campaign!

This is all starting to make sense now.

Kim Strassel at The Wall Street Journal reported on this explosive development last night:

Thanks to the Washington Post’s unnamed law-enforcement leakers, we know Mr. Nunes’s request deals with a “top secret intelligence source” of the FBI and CIA, who is a U.S. citizen and who was involved in the Russia collusion probe. When government agencies refer to sources, they mean people who appear to be average citizens but use their profession or contacts to spy for the agency. Ergo, we might take this to mean that the FBI secretly had a person on the payroll who used his or her non-FBI credentials to interact in some capacity with the Trump campaign.

This would amount to spying, and it is hugely disconcerting. It would also be a major escalation from the electronic surveillance we already knew about, which was bad enough. Obama political appointees rampantly “unmasked” Trump campaign officials to monitor their conversations, while the FBI played dirty with its surveillance warrant against Carter Page, failing to tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that its supporting information came from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now we find it may have also been rolling out human intelligence, John Le Carré style, to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

Rush Limbaugh spoke about this “secret source” yesterday on his show. The dirty Deep State doesn’t want Republican members of Congress to know the identity of the Obama spy inside the Trump campaign.

Rush Limbaugh argues that the hacks at the Washington Post know who it is.

From the Rush Limbaugh Show:

Now we move to the Kimberly… Well, I think it’s Kimberly Strassel wrote it. It’s the Wall Street Journal editorial that runs today. “The latest intel leak is designed to block a House subpoena. Late Tuesday the Washington Post published a story with the headline ‘Secret intelligence source who aided Mueller probe is at center of latest clash between Nunes and Justice Department.’

“The story [in the Post] reports that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes recently sent a classified letter and subpoena to the Justice Department demanding information about a ‘top secret intelligence source.’” Now, the editorial at the Journal says, “The story’s bias is that Mr. Nunes — you know, a nasty House Republican,” a really rascally Republican, “is threatening to compromise national security,” by trying to find out who this informant is. “Yet the article itself discloses details that suggest the Post already knows who this ‘top secret’ source is.

“For example, the source is a ‘U.S. citizen,’ has been an informant for both ‘the CIA and FBI,’ and has provided information that was given to” Mueller. So the Journal editorial claims the Post already knows who this source is — and if they do, why can’t Nunes? Well, Nunes learning somehow would violate national security. “The story also says intelligence officials fear that outing the source could ‘damage relationships with other countries.’” Well, only if the source is a foreign citizen, but we know now the source isn’t.

The source is a U.S. citizen, so outing the source would not damage relationships with other countries unless this source has also been involved in screwing other countries. But it suggests that the source has worked overseas. If they’re gonna claim that a U.S. citizen cannot be outed here because it might damage relationships other countries, it means he has worked overseas. Suggests it, anyway.

“And the story says the ‘role of the intelligence source’ could further provoke Republicans who have accused Justice and the FBI of engaging in ‘misuse of their surveillance power,’” and, here we go, “hinting that the government may have used the source to snoop on the Trump campaign.” There it is. So it’s a pretty safe bet that the FBI planted an informant in the Trump campaign. Nunes wants to know who it is; the DOJ says, “No way, Jose!”

The Washington Post probably does know who it is. They will not inform. Trump could end this today by declassifying all of this. But he doesn’t. Why doesn’t he? We’ve explored that on previous occasions, and I’ll go through it again if you want. But the point is this, these people — Mueller, the FBI, The DOJ, Strzok, Page, Comey, McCabe — it is absolutely incredible but it may well be that they believed this!

Even after learning that the Steele dossier is phony baloney as anything else they could have written, they really believed it. So they had an informant in the Trump campaign who was there to catch and to discover and to witness Trump’s collusion with the Russians. If they had an informant in that campaign who was supposed to find the collusion and they still don’t have it? I mean, look at what we’re learning. They had an informant in the campaign, and they still don’t have any evidence!

Then what the hell is this investigation doing even being alive at this point?

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