Rudy Hits Another Home Run: Mueller’s Team is Rigged So Bad Some of His Team Were “at Hillary Clinton’s Funeral!”

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Former Federal Prosecutor and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was on FOX News Sunday with Bill Hemmer yesterday.  He again hit another home run.  No wonder the MSM is terrified of Rudy.

Rudy and all of America know there is no collusion between President Trump and Russia and so Rudy again encouraged the corrupt Mueller team to wrap it up.

Rudy discussed the corrupt Mueller investigation that has now been going on for a year. But at the beginning of the below segment of the interview Hammer asked if President Trump was too eager to have to North Korea summit happen and Rudy answered by stating –


Oh sure he is and I think he’s positioned it brilliantly, even his opponents tell you that!

Rudy then talked at length about the “totally rigged” Mueller Special Counsel. He said it is completely tainted. He called Former FBI Director James Comey “one of the biggest liars in the history of Washington”.

Rudy kept hitting the corrupt Mueller team with a smile, and at the 8:10 minute mark of the video said this –

Rudy – Gee, maybe they should wake up and realize that the President is innocent. That’s why he wants to testify, and because of them [the Mueller team] we don’t want him to testify because they’re not fair.

They have rigged this investigation against him, 13 Democrats, angry as heck, and some of them there at Hillary Clinton’s funeral. I mean terrible. Wait, when she was supposed to have a victory party!

Hemmer – We are a long way from an interview, aren’t we?

Rudy – Well, maybe we’re not a long way from deciding we won’t have one. And then they’re going to have to go on what they have and everybody’s going to find out they don’t have anything.


Boom! Rudy is outstanding again – calling the corrupt Mueller investigation what it is – while doing it with a smile. Simply outstanding!

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