Reporter Warns: Significant Story Coming Out About “Trump Foe” That Will Delight the President and Could Impact Legal Matters

A reporter for the Huffington Post warned his Twitter followers that a huge story about one of Trump’s “foes” is about to drop.

It will delight the president and dominate the news cycle, Yashar Ali of HuffPo said Monday evening.

The significant story could drop as soon as Monday night.

There are no hints as to who this “foe” may be. Political? Personal?

Yashar Ali tweeted: I’m told there is a significant story coming out about a longtime Trump foe that will no doubt delight the President. It could easily have an impact on legal matters, but it will definitely dominate the news cycle. Story could be out as soon as tonight.

Someone asked if it was about Rosie O’Donnell and Yashar Ali said ‘no.’

Stay tuned. The Gateway Pundit will be keeping an eye on this development.

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