Rapper Snoop Dogg Posts Racist White-Washed Pic of Kanye West — After Kanye Endorses Trump

Such good Democrats!

Kanye West caused a liberal Twitter meltdown in April by tweeting support for President Donald Trump, including a photo of himself in a “Make America Great Again” hat alongside someone making the ‘okay’ hand gesture.

Following Kanye’s endorsement of Trump and follow up interviews the Democrat party has been in a panic.


On Friday rapper Snoop Dogg posted a racist white-washed image of Kanye West on his Instagram page.

For some reason Democrats don’t see this as a racist statement?
–Because Democrats believe it is OK to be racist against whitey.

Earlier in the week popular black singer Janelle Monae slammed Kanye West this week for endorsing Trump and free thought.

Janelle is also a good Democrat.
She is scolding Kanye West for promoting free thought… in America!

This is the mind control Democrats have on the black community.

Democrats are in panic mode.
Before Kanye West announced his support for President Trump black male support for the president stood at 11 percent.
After Kanye’s endorsement black male support for Trump shot up to 22%.

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