Rand Paul Doesn’t Believe Gina Haspel’s Claim That the CIA Wasn’t Working With UK Intelligence to Spy on Trump Campaign

Senator Rand Paul does not believe Gina Haspel’s claim that the Central Intelligence Agency did not work with British intelligence to surveil the Trump campaign.

Appearing on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business, Senator Paul asserted that he believes there will be information that comes out revealing that British intelligence spied on the Trump campaign and passed the information to then-CIA Director John Brennan.

“I’m not so sure I believe what they’re saying,” Senator Paul stated. He explained that he believes that there is going to be information coming out that the British Intelligence did hand over information on the Trump campaign to Brennan and that “they’re going to say that it was done accidentally.”

Previously speaking to The Gateway Pundit about Haspel, Senator Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Doug Stafford said that she is a “John Brennan acolyte.”

“Gina Haspel is a John Brennan acolyte. Brennan is a now-visible and public opponent of President Trump. He is part of the deep state that opposed and now works against the President,” Stafford told TGP. “She should not be in charge of the CIA.”

Prior to her confirmation as CIA Director, Haspel was facing tough questions from Senator Paul, which The Gateway Pundit exclusively published last week Her responses completely dodged specific questions about the CIA’s involvement with the Christopher Steele dossier.

Meetings involving the dossier reportedly all took place in London — while Haspel was the CIA’s London Station Chief. Her role would have required that she know and sign off on all active operations.

Responding to questions from Senator Paul, Haspel repeatedly denied that the CIA had spied on the campaign.

“Have you, or anyone else at the CIA, ever cooperated with any foreign intelligence services to surveil, monitor, or collect any information on candidate Trump during his travels outside the United States in the preceding five years? Specifically, was candidate Trump ever under any surveillance or of interest to the CIA during his previous visits in Europe?” Senator Paul asked in a letter.

Haspel responded that “the CIA would not cooperate with a foreign intelligence service’s effort to surveil or target for collection the communications of a US presidential candidate.”

In response to Haspel’s denials, Senator Paul fired back another lengthy list of questions.

“In your answer to my question 3, you stated ‘the CIA would not cooperate with a foreign intelligence service’s effort to surveil or target for collection the communications of a US presidential candidate.’ I appreciate your clear statement that in the future the CIA would not work with a foreign intelligence service to surveil US presidential candidates. However, the question I asked was regarding retrospective actions, not prospective actions,” Senator Paul wrote.

Haspel responded by claiming that “with regard to the current questions raised in your letter regarding Christopher Steele: for Question 3, I was not personally aware of Mr. Steele’s efforts when it was publicly reported in the press.”

Haspel did not answer any of the other questions posed by Senator Paul, including if the CIA aware of the efforts of Christopher Steele to collect information on the Trump campaign prior to Election Day or if the CIA received information from Steele’s investigation.


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