President Trump: I Would Like to Speak to Mueller But “It Is a Pure Witch Hunt” – I Must Be Treated Fairly (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke with reporters on Friday before he left to speak at the annual NRA convention in Dallas, Texas.

President Trump told reporters he would like to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller but that the Russia-collusion investigation is a “pure witch hunt.” President Trump added that he must be treated fairly by Mueller and his band of liberal lawyers before he would agree to speak with them.

That’s not going to happen. Mueller has no evidence of any crime committed by the Trump campaign. Yet this witch hunt continues.
This is like a scene from some banana republican sh*thole – not the United States.


The Mueller witch hunt has lasted now over a year and the far left investigators have yet to find one iota of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to take down Hillary Clinton.

Mueller has yet to speak with Julian Assange from Wikileaks or look at the DNC servers which were “hacked” according to the DNC and media outlets.

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