POTUS Trump Unleashes on #Spygate ‘Why Didn’t the FBI Contact Me About the Russia Problem?’

President Trump brought another punishing round to the Deep State over the FBI infiltration of his campaign on Saturday.

The President asked a very simple yet powerful question, “Why didn’t the crooked highest levels of the FBI or “Justice” contact me to tell me of the phony Russia problem?”


The answer to that is simple. The spies implanted in Trump’s campaign were there to gather information and pass it onto Hillary Clinton.

The notion that an informant was buzzing around Trump’s camp to protect him as Clapper and the fake news claim is absurd.

Trump tweeted: With Spies, or “Informants” as the Democrats like to call them because it sounds less sinister (but it’s not), all over my campaign, even from a very early date, why didn’t the crooked highest levels of the FBI or “Justice” contact me to tell me of the phony Russia problem?

Trump slammed Crooked Hillary in round two.

Trump tweeted: This whole Russia Probe is Rigged. Just an excuse as to why the Dems and Crooked Hillary lost the Election and States that haven’t been lost in decades. 13 Angry Democrats, and all Dems if you include the people who worked for Obama for 8 years. #SPYGATE & CONFLICTS OF INTEREST!

President Trump is taking the fight to the Deep State head on demanding the DOJ hand over classified documents relating to Spygate.

On Friday evening, President Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani says the Trump legal team wants to be briefed on the Obama FBI campaign spying scandal.

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