POTUS Trump Calls Out Deep State Infiltration of His Campaign ‘This is a Very Big Deal’

On Saturday evening, President Trump blasted Obama’s Deep State FBI infiltration of his presidential campaign, saying it’s a really big deal.

The stenographers at the New York Times are in spin mode ahead of the damning IG report which is due to be released to the public in a few weeks.

The New York Times is now saying the spy embedded in Trump’s camp wasn’t spying; he was there to protect Trump from the Russians. Unbelievable.

The Democrat-media complex is acting blase about one of the biggest scandals in US political history in an effort to downplay the seriousness.

The FBI infiltration of Trump’s camp is a very big deal.

This is a huge scandal and everyone involved must be prosecuted.

Trump put the FBI and DOJ on notice. The House Intel Committee and now the Senate Judiciary Committee are both requesting unredacted Russia documents from the DOJ which will give us many answers to how this whole witch hunt began.

Trump tweeted: If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. Only the release or review of documents that the House Intelligence Committee (also, Senate Judiciary) is asking for can give the conclusive answers. Drain the Swamp!

Trump’s tweet from March of 2017 proves he was right AGAIN about Obama spying on his campaign:

This is an actual headline from The New York Times:

In the very same New York Times FBI puff piece, it is revealed the Deep State informant spy [Stefan Halper] lured in George Papadopoulos with cash–$3,000 and a trip to London.

And here’s fake news WaPo trying to spin spin spin:

The Deep State lies and lies and lies… And then lies some more.
The Deep State FBI started spying on the Trump campaign earlier than reported then used cash to induce a meeting with Papadopoulos.
They Obama FBI, DOJ, and DOJ was spying on Trump before they officially opened their investigation.

Because of this illegal spying and fake made up Russian collusion hoax, Robert Mueller is costing taxpayers millions of dollars as he roves around and raids anyone connected to Trump.

This is an egregious abuse of power and taxpayer money. Trump is right. This is a very big deal.

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