Poll Shock: GOP Takes Lead in 2018 Generic Poll By 6 Points — Nine Point Reversal in One Week!


Democrats are hoping for a blue wave to take down Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.
Then they can focus on impeaching President Trump over his mean tweets.

But the latest Reuters generic poll shows Republicans suddenly with a 6 point lead!

That’s a 9 point swing in one week.

This comes after more record economic news (ignored by the liberal mainstream media).

And this week’s dip also occurred after news broke that the Obama intelligence community had infiltrated the Trump campaign with at least one informant spy.

For all the media hype about the upcoming ‘Blue Wave’ sweeping Republicans from power in November, a comprehensive Morning Consult poll last week showed a Republican wave in the making in U.S. Senate elections across the country with five Democrat incumbents decisively losing by at least five percent and four other Democrat incumbents in statistical ties.

FYI – Poll updated with correct date.

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